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NIBA - The Belting Association

22 N. Carroll St., Ste. 300
Madison, WI  53703 USA
Phone: (608) 310-7549
Fax: (608) 251-5941
Email: staff@niba.org
Website: http://www.niba.org

Key Personnel

Michael Battaglia, Executive Director


NIBA - The Belting Association promotes the common business interests of all distributor/fabricators and manufacturers of conveyor and flat power transmission belting and material that enhances & changes belt. The association works to increase the flow of products through the distribution network, which is provided by distributors and fabricators alike, by promoting the harmony between distributors/fabricators and their suppliers. Lastly, NIBA works to maintain a visibility of the development of industrial distribution technology and future trends in the distribution process through maintaining relationships with leading institutions. This visibility provides NIBA members and volunteer leaders with the latest industry information, which results in an increased exchange of knowledge and new ideas for the community.


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